Will automation make jobless?

Automation !

AI - artificial intelligence and robotic technology is very common matter now a day. today robot can perform as a human and automation also doing as robotic. 

Future of Automation engineer ? 

According to BSL, engineering job is going to grow 5% from 2020-2025. which means it's going to increase 80,000 new job every year. now a day time is changing day by day, also automation going to front line of people as low wage , low skill.  high skill job.
But some economist think that AI and robotic or automation will go to nature of work. and many people will get new job and many skill less people will lose their job.
But we can think that our next future will used to automation and robot base.

Advice for Student -

if you wanna be an future engineer of AI, take your time to make you skill full 

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Will automation make jobless?

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